Tips to Keep Your Garden Healthy in Hot Weather

Summer seasons brings problems to every one. Everyone has to take care of himself during this season. Not only human beings are troubled by this season, even the animals and plants are not spared. Animals and plants also feel the heat. Plants require special attention towards themselves as they cannot move to save themselves from the hot weather.

Our garden acquires a special place in our hearts. Everyone has a garden in their backyard which contains some beautiful plants, flowers and tress. We are the master of our garden and it is our own responsibility to take good care of it. Our garden contains numerous flowers, plants and tress which need special attention during the summer season. We must keep some necessary points in our mind which can keep our garden healthy during the summer season.

People should keep in mind 10 important points in mind to keep their garden healthy during hot weather. They are as follows-

1.Regular water supply– During summer plants requires a large amount of water as compared to winter. The intake of water is more in summer. So we should supply water at regular intervals during a day. Water is the prime requirement of plants and tress in summer. Three or four short supply of water at regular intervals during a day can fulfill the water need of the plants.

2.Protect from excess sunlight– The sun in summer beats down very severely. The plants and tress should be protected from excess exposure to sunlight as it may harm the plants. Plants require sunlight but to a certain extent. Plants use sunlight for photosynthesis but excess exposure to sunlight can harm the plants leaves and have adverse effect on the trees.

3.Provide regular nutrition– Apart from sunlight plants also require a lot of nutrition from the soil to grow normally. A regular and constant supply of soil nutrition is must for proper growth and development of the plants and trees. Insufficient nutrition can lead to stunted growth of the plants.

4.Protect from pests– During summer seasons a large number of pests attack the plants. To protect the plants from these pests organic pesticides have to be used so that the pests could be controlled without harming the plants.

5.Plant tress at distance– Plants requires space to spread their roots in the soil. The tress should be planted at a distance so that there is enough space for each plant to grow and develop freely. Congestion may lead to stunted growth.

6.Cut down the dry leaves regularly– To make the garden look more appealing and beautiful, the owner should keep on cutting the dry leaves regularly so that the garden always looks green. Cutting and clearing the dried leaves can make the atmosphere more beautiful. The dry leaves can work as nutrition for the growing plants when kept near the root of the plants in the soil.

7.Plant seasonal tress– To make the garden more beautiful stress should be laid on planting seasonal tress and plants which grow in summer. This will make the garden more look more pleasing to the eyes with the blooming flowers and green tress.

8.Plant tress in a cool place– Planting tress in cool place during summer can help its cause. Plants could be kept safe from excess exposure from sunlight by planting them in a cooler place.

9.Protect your garden from animals– Usually people do not pay attention to proper safeguard of the garden from intruders. But this small mistake can lead to total devastation of the garden. The boundaries of the garden should be appropriately protected so that animals cannot cross that border to gain access to the garden. Animals can destroy all the flowers and plants if they find an entrance to the garden.

10.Avoid excess of any of the above mentioned measures– Lastly but most importantly do not overdo any of the above mentioned suggestions. This can lead to adverse effects and work exactly in the other way round. All the measures should be followed in a well mannered way and excess should be avoided because we know that “Excess of anything is bad.”

By keeping all these points in our mind we can make our garden a beautiful and natural paradise even in the hot and sunny weather.


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