Home Improvement Projects With Different Fireplace Types

During the winter months, the fireplace is definitely an important room in a house. A fireplace is a structure within a home that is made to contain the fire to provide heat. A fire pit contains the fire all the exhaust goes through the chimney. There are a lot of homes in the United States who has a fireplace. This is simply because the flame provides warmth during the cold weather and the crackling sound of the fire sooths their tired mind and body.

The materials used to build a fireplace vary. Some are expensive and others are quite easy on the budget. There are actually two main types of fireplace. This would include the chimney type and the other one is the fireplace type. Furthermore, these two are broken down into further classification – vent less, prefab and masonry.

If you want to build your own fireplace at home, this is very helpful. You can determine what kind of fireplace will suit your home. Let us talk about the different types of fireplaces below:

  1.     Masonry fireplace

This is the most widely used type of fireplace. This is the type of fireplace that you will in movies. You can fuel a masonry fireplace with propane, wood, biomass or natural gas. If you want to build a masonry fireplace, keep in mind it will come with a chimney system. This type of fireplace should be constructed on the site where you want it. Most off the time it is made from brick and stone. Most of the time, a masonry fireplace is built as you are constructing your home.

  1.     Ventless fireplace

If you want a fireplace that is fuelled by ether gel, bottled gas or natural gas, this is the option you should have. However, before you build a vent less fireplace, make sure you have verified the laws in your locality regarding this structure. There are states and counties which have ordinance and law you have to abide with when building a vent less fireplace. This will require the least effort for the installation yet it is the most efficient among the fireplace types.

  1.     Prefab fireplace

This is also referred to as factory-built or prefabricated fireplace. Many of these prefab types are ventless. You can generate heat without the need of a vent for exhaust and fumes. You can make use of manufactured burning logs similar to natural log. However, the main material used for these burning logs is ceramic which has a gas line running through. When you are installing a prefab fireplace, you need to construct a surround. This will allow metal fireplace to ease into place and be secured through the flange.


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