6 Remodeling Tips That Sell: Selling a Home Requires a Few Tricks

Many homeowners never think of remodeling until they decide to sell their home. A good realtor will have advice on what will sell the property quickly for the best price. Being that location is one of the biggest factors in selling a home many of today’s buyers are looking for one that is in “move-in condition.”. In other words they do not want to do any work .

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There are a few projects that can be completed in a minimum amount of time – with a low price tag – that can help sell a home:

Friendly Inspection

One of the best ways to judge the desirability of a home is to get the opinion of a few friends. Having them approach the home from two directions and critiquing the home will expose flaws that a homeowner may have overlooked. After time passes people become numb to things like painting and overgrown shrubs that others will pick out immediately. Do this on the inside too and make a list.


The simple act of cleaning up a property will go a long way to elevate the curb appeal of a property and, as well, the whole exterior of the home. Hiring a landscape company to clean the gutters,  trim shrubs, prune trees, put mulch down and plant colorful flowers is well worth the cost. For the do-it-yourselfers make sure the lawn is trimmed and edged every few days during the selling period and build up the flower beds with mulch.

Other Home Exterior Tips

Many homes are not built with wooden exteriors anymore but can look dingy. Renting a power washer and cleaning vinyl siding, brick or even painted wood will bring the shine back to the exterior. Wash the sidewalks and driveway too using a scrub brush with a long handle to work on oil and other stains. For painted homes freshening up the trim around windows and touching up other areas will clean up the home. Also, fix any broken parts of a fence, deck or trellis. These can be be painted or stained for a brighter yard.

Kitchen Witchin’

Kitchens are the focal point of the home and can make or break the sale. Renovations can also increase the price of the home over 100% of the cost of the kitchen remodeling. Old cabinets can be painted by a professional for a few hundred dollars or done by the seller for the price of paint. Also, investing in new, modestly-priced hardware will add a sheen to the kitchen. In addition, a new laminate countertop would add tremendously to the kitchen as will a patterned, vinyl floor. Both projects are not expensive and will transform the kitchen.


Declutter and lean the bathrooms thoroughly. Then paint the area and match this with a new shower curtain towels and window coverings. Clean fixtures and replace any ones that are old and pitted. They are not expensive. Older-style toilets and sinks can be changed out for a modest price and a new vinyl floor can be a do-it-yourself job.


Old carpet should be torn out and replaced with laminate flooring. For about $2 a square foot the living room, bedrooms and other areas can be transformed. This is also a do-it-yourself job that can be accomplished in a weekend.

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