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Professional Gutter Cleaning Tips

Maintenance of your gutters is an important task that must be done. Experts recommend having your gutters cleaned in spring and the fall to get rid of leaves and debris that may clogged the gutter and downspouts due to wind, rain and the changing of the seasons.  Do not run away from the problem. The more you ignore the more it worsens and you may pay a heavier price. Make cleaning your gutters  twice a year routine. If you accomplish the tasks, you protect your roof, siding, foundation and basement from water damage. Here are some of the tips that can help you when you will be cleaning your gutters.

gutter maintenance

Safety first

Using a ladder inappropriately may result in accidents. Therefore, you shouldn’t climb carelessly because you might slip off the ladder and fall or damage the gutters. Place it on stable ground and let the upper edge lie below the gutter to avoid damaging them.

Get right tools.

Several tools are needed to get the work done. Obtain some gloves, garden trowel, water hose and two buckets. Hang the buckets on each side of the ladder. You can place tools in one bucket and put debris in the other.

Start with large debris

Large debris may hamper your work. Remove them first with your hands and put them in the bucket. Use a trowel to scoop leaves and dirt. Are there large items that are stuck in the downspout? If yes, then you need a plumber’s snake tool. If it fails to work, open the downspout and remove the clogging material. If it proves difficult call a professional and he will do it nicely.

Use a water hose

Not all dirt is eliminated in the process. The trowel cannot remove all the layer at the bottom. Connect water and start on the far end from the downspout. If the water is not moving, the downspout must be clogged. Disassemble and use a plumber’s snake or call an expert.





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