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Baby care tips for winter     

Winter always presents additional challenges on babies since it’s darker and colder than the summer. Walking with a baby or a toddler will require special consideration since the underfoot stays wet for long.Well thought preparation is needed to ensure that the baby enjoys the winter walk as you do hereare a few simple but effective tips will be of great help for you and your baby regardless of the weather at any time of the year

baby care tips

Start early. Winter daylight is shorter than the other seasons so it’s better to start the walk early for it stars to get gloomy in the mid afternoon to give you enough time to return back before it get dark.

Woven hat. Before taking a single step out doors make sure that the baby has awellcovering hat since they have larger heads than adults a huge amount of heat will be lost due to the surface area.

Find a hat that works well with your child since there are a lot in market preferably ones with ear flaps that protect the child’s ears   from the freezing cold. The hat should be comfortable to the baby and shouldn’t be too loose nor tight. A hooded layer underneath gives extra warmth.

Avoid hill tops walks. Many people find it pleasant to have a great hill top scenery since the trees have shade their leaves an excellent view for miles away, therefore as much as it’s tempting it’s better to keep the walk short. Save them for calm days with winter sun shine.

 Avoid picnics. For stops and breaks out of the wind and in a sheltered place is recommended. Carry extra to buddle the baby since when they stop any movement their behind mybe a bit chilly and thus this will act as insulation for the baby.

Extra layers. Carrying the little bundle of joy prevents them from any heat generating activity thus making them vulnerable to freezing temperatures. In this regard it is advisable to bring extra layers to keep them warm. A front wrap carrier ensures that your body heat is shared between you and the baby. More important as the baby is well puffed check it from time to time to avoid overheating.Extra clothes and waterproofs are essential during the walks.

Keep fingers and toes warm. Backpacks leaves hands and legs dangling down therefore minimizing blood circulation exposing them to risk of getting very cold in a very short while. Thick walking socks or double layer will solve the problem unlined plastic wellies are not recommended for provide less insulation. Cover the baby’s hands withthick lined glovesand tuck hands away in sleeves.

Make it simple. Keeping in mind that you have a small passenger with you it is advisable to keep the walk simple and short. Use a path that you are familiar with to avoid getting lost.

Be prepared for puddles. During this time the saturated ground dries slowly therefore avoid contact with the ground. A pushchair comes in handy. Carry an extra bag for dirty shoes.


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